The Arts and Humanities Academy curriculum is designed to inspire greater levels of academic achievement by linking student interest and talent in the arts to all aspects of their educational experience. By tapping into their strengths as artists, teachers lead students to improve their overall skills in reading, writing, science and math. AHA is particularly concerned about bridging the achievement gap by capably serving students who consistently under perform.

The culture of AHA is one in which everyone embraces the pursuit of personal growth, development and excellence as a student, as an artist, as an individual, and as a member of a community. In a small school community, it is possible to approach learning as a collective — we work collaboratively within an environment where the arts are the vehicle for creative and analytical thinking.

Our students develop into members of society with the skills to write and think with their minds, create with their hands, express with their bodies, act and speak from their hearts, and inspire others to do the same.

  • Project-based learning and interdisciplinary endeavors structure the core of our pedagogical philosophy. Academic literacy and artistic expression are developed through creative problem solving.
  • Classroom practices are creative and flexible, meeting the needs of all learners and building on the strengths of multiple intelligences.
  • A school-wide approach to critique unites the AHA community — linking academic and artistic disciplines and creating a format for personal, artistic, academic and community assessment.
  • Deep collaborative relationships are developed with community artists who serve as mentors, co-teachers, consultants and critical friends.
  • Students receive the holistic support needed to achieve high academic standards.
  • The education of our students is rooted in the active support of parents and community members.
  • Teachers and students are empowered to make genuine decisions about the school and their own work and learning, and to take responsibility for themselves and their school community.
  • The school community is united in addressing bias by building an equitable learning environment so that all students meet their highest potential.
  • All students are prepared for success in college and/or continued pursuits in the arts.


The Arts and Humanities Academy (AHA!) provides an innovative, equitable, rigorous academic and arts curriculum. Students use the lens of the arts to seek creative solutions to academic and artistic challenges. As a community of artist/scholars, we develop the skills, clarity and self-confidence to achieve individual and collective goals. Together we explore the arts as a means for self-expression and as a powerful cultural tool.


AHA is a refuge for all people, including women, people of color, queer and trans people, Muslims, immigrants, and people with disabilities.

AHA is an inclusive community. We celebrate our differences as strengths, not threats. We practice respect, integrity, and empathy.

AHA is a place of emotional, physical, sexual, and religious safety. We do not tolerate violence, hate speech, or discrimination.