Arts and Humanities Academy  

The Arts and Humanities Academy curriculum is designed to inspire greater levels of academic achievement by linking student interest and talent in the arts to all aspects of their educational experience. By tapping into their strengths as artists, teachers lead students to improve their overall skills in reading, writing, science and math.

What We Do

The Arts and Humanities Academy (AHA!) provides an innovative, equitable, rigorous academic and arts curriculum. Students use the lens of the arts to seek creative solutions to academic and artistic challenges. As a community of artist/scholars, we develop the skills, clarity and self-confidence to achieve individual and collective goals. Together we explore the arts as a means for self-expression and as a powerful cultural tool.


Our Staff

AHA has a group of teachers chosen specifically for their ability to engage with their students and uphold high expectations of what their students are capable of achieving and supporting students to reach their scholarly and artistic goals. All AHA teachers think about ways that they can incorporate aha core values of creativity, cooperation, and learning into their teaching. Aha teachers are invested in doing all that they can to ensure every one of their student's success. 


Aha Updates

Visit the AHA blog to get updates about upcoming exhibitions, student events, and field trips, and browse through our history of past events. Make sure to view the IDP tag, to see what incredible projects our students have completeted!